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What are the things you need to know before doing your HDB renovation?

Updated: May 29, 2022

The renovation process

There are two types of renovation works:

Renovation works that require a permit and those that do not.

If your renovation work is not significant, i.e., it will only involve minor improvements to the interior, and you do not need to apply for a permit. However, if your renovation work involves structural changes or additions (for example, the addition of new rooms), then you must apply for a permit from HDB.

Renovation permits may be granted subject to conditions set by HDB. These may include limitations on the extent of permissible works or limtations on the areas within your flat that can be used for renovation purposes. You will need to submit an application form together with floor plans-must including the dimensions of each room, estimates and other documentary evidence for approval by the HDB.

Best to engage with HDB-registered renovation contractors. There is a list of registered contractors, Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC), which you visit their website.

Redesigning your, to begin with, domestic can feel both energizing and overwhelming. After all, you'll have been arranging and sparing cash for a long time to one day make your dream domestic.

What’s more, an HDB redesign in Singapore can take a toll on you upwards of S$32,000 or indeed twofold that amount. So, understanding the whole handle from beginning to wrap up can plan you for the plan handle and the costs involved. Not to mention, the HDB redesign timeline you may have to work with as well.

This moreover makes a difference anticipate any hiccups that come along the way for a first-time remodel in an HDB. Here’s a helpful HDB BTO redesign directly to plan you well for your, to begin with, HDB remodel in Singapore conjointly guarantee merely have fun along the way.

Assess your HDB flat Renovation Scope

When you know the scope of your HDB renovation, it helps set everything else in perspective accordingly. It will help give you clarity on how much money you need to set aside for your HDB renovation in Singapore; as it can get pricey. You will also achieve a better understanding of the kind of firm you can engage with and the time it will take to complete the renovations. Based on your needs, you’d be able to plan whether you need a new kitchen, new furniture or if structural changes are required. This will also give you a fair idea of how extensive the HDB renovation needs to be which can further streamline the renovation process flow.

Sort out your finances

Regularly, most redesigns are completed within 12 weeks. During this period, up to 95% of the installment for your HDB remodel will have to be made. It’s time to see at your back options—savings and domestic redesign loans—even before you contact an ID firm. This calculation will assist you to arrange your accounts conjointly delivering you an upper restrain for your spending. If you like to play it secure, don’t disregard to set aside a little cash for domestic protections as well.

Particularly since your required HDB fire protections ordinarily do not cover decorations and redesign. On a normal, a mortgage holder spends upwards of S$20,000 for a Singapore HDB remodel. However, this changes significantly based on the estimate of the HDB and the scope of work included. Moreover, it would be ideal if you note that the costs said in this story are indicative of our 2021 redesign cost list.

Choose interior design

Typically, interior design (ID) firms are relatively costlier than renovation contractors. With the former, you can expect more personalized designs, while the latter is typically more affordable. However, if you’re looking to renovate without an ID, you should be prepared for any future expenditure in case your home design is not up to the mark. While opting for a contractor might save you money in the short term, a renovation without an ID might be a gamble for long-lasting interiors.

Planning your design style

A good home design starts with a mood board. It helps to collate images of home designs and concepts that you fancy. You can look at magazines, websites, and even social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Nowadays, it is easy to find interior design ideas. Once you have collected your favourite images, print them out and paste them to create your mood board. You can also add decorations or accessories that you like. It will be good for your interior designer too.

Before starting on your renovation project, you need to ensure that all the information is in place to move forward with a home renovation contractor smoothly. The key is to make sure that you seek professional advice from an experienced interior designer before making any crucial decisions. Our team at NA+DA Interiors will be able to offer valuable advice on the best materials and methods for your home renovation project.

Look into furniture and appliances that complement your carpentry, tile works, placement of your electrical points, and the space's layout. This will be very useful when you discuss it with your interior designer.

As a homeowner, you can compare quotations; however, do note that the cost of interior design services varies depending on the extent of work, the number of spaces to be decorated, and the materials used.

Saving cost for your HDB renovation

Buying furniture and fittings can be overwhelming, especially if you are furnishing your first home. But don't worry! We've got you covered with a list of tips and resources to help you find the best deals for your new home.

The first thing is to decide whether you want to buy directly from an overseas supplier or local stores. If you are buying from overseas, check if the fitting is compatible for use in Singapore. Both options have pros and cons, so you must make the right choice.

Another option is to visit a reliable brick and mortar store so that our staff can give recommendations & feedback based on the design project.

Checklist of furniture fittings

Here's a checklist of what you need to get for your new home:

Lighting is the most crucial factor for interior design. It can make or break the look of your home, so it's essential to choose wisely.

You may want to consider:

Floor lamps and table lamps – these will add extra lighting in the dark corners of your room, so they're perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Floor lamps are also great as they provide ambient lighting and are easy to move around.

Wall lights can be either flush-mounted or pendant lights, which hang from the ceiling. They are perfect for hallways and kitchens with little space on the floor.

Shower fittings are another vital aspect of creating a stylish bathroom space. There are many different types of showerheads available, so it's important to know what kind of water pressure you like before purchasing. There are also many other finishes available, so don't hesitate to ask our team at NA+DA Interiors for recommendations!

Outdoor lighting – if you have a balcony or terrace, you might want to consider adding some illumination outside your home!

Singapore HDB renovation

As a homeowner, the only thing you don't want to see is your home renovation contractor making mistakes. It can be very costly to rectify the mistakes, and sometimes, it could be irreversible. If you notice any mistakes during the renovation works, make sure that you immediately bring up the issue with your contractor. By doing so, you can ensure that your HDB renovation works are being done according to the agreed specifications and design and HDB's renovation guidelines.

Make sure you understand the written contract that specifies everything they'll do and what it will cost you. Be clear about what materials they'll use and how long the job will take. Also, clarify who will be responsible for any damage done during the renovation process—for example, if the floor gets scratched by heavy machinery or something gets broken because it wasn't properly secured beforehand.

You should also ask what kind of guarantee or warranty the interior design firm offers on their workmanship. If anything goes wrong after completion, they'll fix it at no additional cost to yourself (within reason). For example: if pipes burst within six months.

At NA+DA interiors, we offer 1-year warranty for your dream home. So you dont have to worry anything that could go wrong, and you have peace of mind after completing your dream home.

If you have any inquiries, check out NA+DA Interiors, we will be available to answer your renovation questions. You could also book an appointment to schedule a free consultation at our showroom at 308 Thomson Road Eng Aun Mansion

Singapore 307656 or simply give us a call. You can also check our portfolios through our official website at

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