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Small Condo design ideas

Updated: May 29, 2022

Open floor plan

An open floor plan will create a larger living space and allow more natural light to flow through the entire unit. You'll also be able to check on(see from a distance) your family members better, which can help keep track of everybody, especially if you have kids. The downside is that an open floor plan can be loud, and it doesn't give you any privacy or separation from other people in the house. Additionally, the design will allow for better airflow throughout the room, making your home feel more comfortable and helping with cleaning. If you have any doubts and have some questions about the floor plan you could ask your interior designers for their advice.

Smaller appliances

Look for appliances that offer multiple functions in a smaller package.

A compact dishwasher may be able to fit in the space of your under-the-counter cabinets, and you can use any free counter space (or you could build a little shelf for it). Many refrigerators, especially those made specifically for condo living, are much more compact than the standard fridge. If you don't have room for a multiple washer/dryer combination, look into options like mini washing machines and dryers that might take up less space—or try using a laundromat or laundry service instead! Some kitchens have been designed with multi-function appliances, such as an oven with a built-in microwave or other similar combinations.

Do your own research on google and see what options are available on the market today—it's likely there's at least one option out there that will work great in your condo!

Condo interior design furnitures

Smaller furniture

If you have a small condo, your main goal should be to make your space feel as big and airy as possible. Avoid buying big furniture especially when your area is small—this will make it feel cramped and cluttered. You might think a large couch would be more comfortable, but smaller couches are actually easier to move around (and there are plenty of comfy sofa beds explicitly designed for tight spaces). Additionally, smaller pieces can help you create clear sightlines in the room, which will make it feel bigger.

Dual-purpose furniture

Buy furniture that serves multiple purposes. One of the easiest tricks in small space living is buying or making furniture that serves more than one purpose. Look for pieces like sofa beds, dining tables that collapse into a console table with storage drawers, and even coffee tables that open up for extra storage space. As an added bonus, if you do consider investing in multi-purpose furniture, you'll have fewer overall pieces taking up your precious floor space!

Built-in storage

In general, if you want to save space, built-ins are a great way to maximize space. But, depending on the needs of your condo, it might not be worth it to buy built-in furniture.

Built-ins can make your condo feel larger by removing unnecessary walls and creating an open floor plan that's easy to move around in. They also provide a custom aesthetic and can be made from any material you want (e.g., wood, metal). However, some drawbacks include higher installation costs than traditional furniture as well as harder removal when moving out (which means if anything breaks inside these pieces, then repairs become problematic).

Interior design tips

Natural light

Here are some tips to bring natural light into your home:

  • Window size. If you're building from scratch, take advantage of this opportunity by installing windows that will let in as much sunlight as possible.

  • Skylights. Skylights are an excellent option for rooms without windows, like bathrooms and walk-in closets. They bring a beautiful brightness to an otherwise dark space!

  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces. Position mirrors so that they reflect the light coming through your windows, and make sure to choose furniture with shiny metal or glass accents, such as end tables and coffee tables! As long as your space isn't too dim or dreary, using these reflective surfaces can really enhance the amount of natural light in a room.

  • Use of light colours. The use of light colour on walls also goes a long way towards brightening up living spaces--especially when paired with large windows from which natural sunlight enters freely into these areas during daylight hours! For example, if you're looking to add more warmth to your bedroom, then paint its walls white instead of darker colours like grey or brown (or even black!). Light shades also help open up dark rooms by reflecting available sunlight better than their counterparts might do otherwise: which means fewer shadows cast across any given surface area when compared against darker hues like red or blue."

Light walls and floors

A light colour on your walls and floor will make the room appear bigger. Light floors reflect light better than dark ones and create a space that looks more prominent, but they are harder to maintain and can feel cold in the winter. Be sure to keep them clean with a vacuum or mop, especially if you have children or pets.

If you have a small condo, consider using vertical stripes or stripes that run diagonally across your wall instead of painting horizontally. This makes it seem taller than it is because our eyes follow patterns such as these up rather than across. You can also use light colours on walls to help make a room appear bigger by causing them to recede visually into the background while darker hues pop forward and stand out more prominently as focal points within an area like wood panelling or furniture pieces that contrast nicely against lighter tones like white trim work painted around windows door frames etc.

Ask our interior designers

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