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Planning your HDB kitchen renovation.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Important things you need to know before hiring an interior designer to remodel your HDB kitchen.

kitchen layout renovation

Measure the size of your kitchen thoroughly

  • Ensure you have accurate measurements of the kitchen.

  • Measure the space between the walls and doors.

  • Measure the space you have for appliances.

  • Refrigerator: how tall is it? Where will it be placed? How much clearance does it need? Is it counter-depth or deeper than normal?

  • Measure the space you have for storage.

  • Types of kitchen accessories

  • Cabinets: How high are they? What kind of storage do you want built-in (shelves, drawers, cabinets)? How deep do the cabinets need to store your plates and other items efficiently? Do you prefer a tall cabinets? Do we want any open shelving areas for cookbooks and decorative items? How about pull out drawers?

  • Pantry: Where will it be located in comparison to your refrigerator and sink to allow easy access while cooking? Do you want a walk-in pantry or just one that's attached to an adjacent wall (with shelves and cabinet doors)? What kind of storage do we want inside (shelves, pull-out baskets)?

  • Measure the space you have for furniture.

  • A table or island with bar stools attached to it can help provide extra workspace as well as room for dining if necessary.

kitchen design singapore

Choose the renovation design you want

You spent a lot of time researching your kitchen renovation design, so make sure you like it.

Choose a design that suits your needs and lifestyle. Do you need an island with an open concept style? Will it next to a dining area?

If you have young children or elderly folks at home, would easier access be more practical and beneficial than having the island? Would the kitchen by user friendly so that all your family members can use it? Think about how you want the kitchen to include a dining area an used it to cook meals with your family, entertaining guests or simply preparing meals?

Consider your budget. What is the most expensive aspect of the design? How can we cut down on these costs without sacrificing aesthetics?

A timeless design open concept design will also reduce unnecessary expenses on renovation works in the future. Explore materials such as quartz, marble and timber finishes for durability and a classic look.

Organise the renovation budget and plan

When planning your renovation, you need to be realistic when finalising your budget. First, confirm the amount you are prepared to spend, as this will guide you during the renovation process. Next, get a few quotes from contractors and draw up an organize list of the budget for each part.

This way, even if there is a change in budget, you stay in control of allocating funds based on your priorities. Following this approach also makes sense if unforeseen problems arise, as you can go back to your original plans and implement changes according to what fits within your revised budget!

Use your balcony space wisely.

So you've finally moved into your new HDB flat—congratulations! Now that the stress of moving day is over, it's time to get creative with kitchen decor.

If you're lucky enough to live in a flat with a balcony off the kitchen, consider converting this space into something useful. Here are some ideas:

  • A kitchen island

  • A place to store potting soil and gardening tools during cold months or when they're not being used

  • A small herb garden for common spices like cilantro and rosemary (or whichever herbs you like)

Keep in mind the electrical appliances you need

When doing up an HDB kitchen, you need to know the electrical appliances. For instance,

  • The size of the fridge and oven

  • The weight of your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine (if you have a built-in laundry area)

  • Your power output requirements for all your appliances

Know what are important things you need to determine before doing HDB Kitchen Renovation.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. As a result, you should be careful when renovating it.

Here are a few things that you must take into account before starting your kitchen renovation project:

  • Determine what your kitchen design will be and how much money you need to invest. You must also measure your kitchen to ensure that all appliances fit correctly.

  • Plan the renovation timeline, taking into account any delays during construction and installation.

  • Consider what appliances and fixtures would work best for your family's needs. If possible, choose electrical appliances with Energy Saving Labels (ESL). This means they use less energy than others on average but still provide comparable performance levels to consume less electricity while giving better value for money over their lifetime!

hdb kitchen renovation

Types of kitchen island design in Singapore

U shaped kitchen design with island

U-shaped kitchens have three walls and can be a good choice if you have more space. They give you plenty of countertop area, and you can add an island—a freestanding counter with storage underneath that offers additional workspace.

Kitchen islands are practical as they offer more working surfaces, and it's easier to fetch things from shelves and cabinets located around the island. However, they require extra space to accommodate all the features of a kitchen: stovetop, washing area, sink, etc.

U-shaped kitchens work best in large spaces. Ideal for people hosting large parties and big family gatherings

L-shaped design

L-shaped design: This layout is one of the most common and best suited for small spaces. As its name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen features two running walls at right angles. It works well with an island, single sink, double sink stove, fridge, and dishwasher.

The only thing you can't have in an L-shaped kitchen is a wall oven (unless you have a huge kitchen). Your base cabinets won't be that deep, so make sure you are comfortable with that before choosing this layout.

Straight or parallel design

If you have a small to medium-sized kitchen space, this design is ideal for your situation. It's also an excellent choice to create a more spacious feel for your kitchen.

This configuration is great for kitchens that have dining areas next to them. With this layout and quick access to food preparation areas, it's easy to move from the cooking area to the dining table and vice versa.

It's also quick to install in your home since it doesn't require complex fittings and measurements.

Single wall or galley design

Good for:

  • small kitchens

  • Usually on, a person that cooks

This is the most common type of kitchen design in Singapore, particularly in small apartments and condominiums with limited space. All appliances are on one wall, and countertops are usually on one side. The cook faces the wall, not the room.

One advantage of this layout is that it requires minimal walking distance since everything is within reach. This can be a popular choice for couples or single people who love to cook, but it may not be as ideal if you like to entertain a lot.

kitchen hdb renovation singapore

Kitchen layouts can be customised to work with the space you have available.

An island kitchen is an excellent option for homes with multiple cooks, as it places everything you need within easy reach. This design works well as an open-plan kitchen and is especially useful in larger spaces

If your kitchen area is big enough, an L-shaped design layout is a good choice as it can create several zones for cooking, food preparation and storage. The cooking area should ideally be positioned close to the back door so that you are not carrying food long distances while keeping it separate from socialising areas (Functional if you're having a dinner party)

A single wall or galley design works well for smaller kitchens or where space is limited. This format makes efficient use of every inch of available space and can incorporate plenty of storage options.

type of kitchen island singapore

Kitchen Wall design

Brick wall design for the kitchen is made of exposed bricks. It gives your home interiors a fantastic industrial look and transforms your kitchen into a stunning architectural feature. Designed with the classic red brick texture, this incredible wall design offers a dramatic contrast to the sleek white kitchen cabinets.

We love the rustic texture of the wall against the smooth finish of the cabinets and countertop. This kitchen design features an impressive white-washed brick wall design, conveying a historical melody and sophistication to its appearance.

With this white brick wall design, the kitchen countertop looks mind-boggling! The approach of using minimal decor slabs confers an all-in-all agile look. Some small plant holders, flower vases, glorious curtains, and other interesting elements will make your kitchen an outstanding example!

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