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How to turn your HDB look like a condo interior design in Singapore.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Make your HDB look like a condo interior design Singapore.

Here's how to turn a boring HDB into a condo-like design:

  • Choose a design concept. This first crucial step is to determine the overall direction of your design and inform all other decisions that follow. It's best to choose something you genuinely like and won't tire of, even if it seems out of vogue. For instance, if you love Japandi design style, consider going with that over whatever is currently popular on Pinterest or Instagram.

  • Maximize functionality. Whether you're starting with a 4-room flat or a 5-room flat, you want to make sure every space is being used in the most efficient way possible before moving on to step 3. A great way to do this is by taking an inventory of everything you have, imagining how they'd be used together in different spaces.

  • Create a sense of space and comfort. In general, smaller rooms work better than large ones because people don't want their home's space to be looking too cramped or cluttered—so try not to go overboard when creating more rooms inside your flat! One option might be dividing existing areas into smaller sections using walls or furniture such as desks, cabinets, shelves etc. Another way is to expand outward through windows, doors, hallways, stairwells, etc, while maintaining adequate proportions between them, so everything feels balanced, spacious, and welcoming.

Design Concept

The design concept for your condo interior design is fundamental. It is the starting point of your renovation project, and it will guide you through the entire project. We will work with you to provide a step-by-step method to define your needs and create a plan that works for you. The initial visit by our consultant will include an evaluation of the space, including measurements and photographs. The design proposal will then be developed based on this information and presented in the form of floor plans, elevations, perspectives, and materials samples. Our design team includes designers and contractors who are ready to assist in making your vision a reality.

Room Functionality

What's the point of a beautiful room if you can't comfortably use it? Accessing everything in a space is essential, whether for hosting parties or just having a quiet night in. If you're redesigning your living room, for example, make sure that all the light switches are accessible without someone having to move around or disturb other people. It would be best if you also thought about every piece of furniture and its functionality. Does it need to be moved frequently? Can it stay where it is? Having fewer pieces that can be easily moved will generate more usable space.

It would help if you also were thinking about traffic flow. Arrange furniture so people can use paths without difficulty. Place the furniture around the room to create a comfortable atmosphere, not just haphazardly in an empty room (some designers recommend leaving at least 2 feet between large pieces of furniture). The layout of your furnishings will affect how people behave even on subconscious levels. Designers often place mirrors strategically in small places to make them feel larger. One strategically placed mirror can do wonders for opening up a room.

Space and Comfort

You need to apply a few interior design tricks to make your space seem bigger. For example, create an open floor plan by removing unnecessary walls and furniture pieces like shelves, which will crowd the space. Or buy furniture that is compact and serves multiple purposes.

Aside from making sure the space is functional, it's also essential to ensure comfort. And to do that, you need to focus on the living room since it's where you'll spend most of your time at home.


Adding a splash of colour to your home can be as effective as any renovation. A neutral colour palette will make your space feel bigger, while a bold colour scheme will create the illusion of space.

Pattern and Texture

Adding patterns and texture to your home can be a great way to add dimension and interest.

Patterns are a fun way to highlight a space and make it the focal point of an area.

Textured wallpaper, panelling, or upholstery in a bright colour or bold pattern creates visual interest and adds warmth.

It can also help define spaces in multi-functional areas.

Furniture Placement and Style

The placement of furniture does matter. The positioning of your furniture can make or break a design. When you're trying to create a functional space, you need to think about how the furniture in that room should be laid out. When you use it, will it be comfortable? Is there enough traffic flow through the area? What about the size of the room itself? How big are the couches, chairs and other pieces you plan to use? Will they fit in your new condo interior design SG scheme? These are all things that need to be considered when it comes time for furniture placement.

If possible, always aim for a combination of style and functionality when placing your furniture. You want it to look good, but working well is important too! The type of your furnishings is going to depend on what sort of design aesthetic you prefer; make sure they're comfortable and inviting before calling it quits.

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