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How Feng Shui is incorporated into almost every interior design

Throughout the years, Feng Shui design has started to become more and more common because of the natural element principles and the good energy that is associated with it. The term, which literally means ‘wind and water’, goes back to the philosophy of using earth elements to expel the negative energy that wants to enter a home.

Nowadays, homeowners still want Feng Shui design principles incorporated into their interior designs because of the sense of harmony that it provides. These are some of the main Fen Shui design principles that contribute to good energy:

1. Uncluttered Space

Not only is a messy room or entrance unappealing, but it also allows space for negative energy to come in. In addition to it being dangerous for people who are walking past, most of the time these objects are unnecessary and do not serve a purpose. The importance of having an uncluttered space goes back to the belief that a clean aura brings positive energy.

2. Combination of cold and calm colours

It is scientifically proven that colour psychology affects our mood. However, it does more than that; it affects the energy that comes into your house. Feng Shui combines green, lavender, and blue which are three natural colours that generate a serene environment.

3. Natural Elements

Incorporating wind and earth elements that emit calming sounds can bring calm energy to the atmosphere. Additionally, this principle also takes into account natural light as well as cross-ventilation. This is because it allows energy to flow and not be interrupted by dark spaces that bring negativity.

Next time you visit a home office or go to another house, you will be able to spot Feng Shui design principles in a variety of ways.

  1. In the kitchen

  • When it is not near the front entrance

  • When does not face any room

  • When boilers or stoves are not placed in the North-West side

2. In the bathrooms

  • When the bathroom door is closed at all times

  • When the toilet lid is closed if it is not being used

  • When the bathroom is clean

3. In the stairs

  • When no room is in front of the staircase

  • When stairways are designed in open areas where an accident can be avoided

4. In the windows and in the front entrance

  • When windows are not positioned behind objects or furniture

  • When window frames are clean

  • When the front entrance is well maintained and clean

  • When there are no dead plants or dirty objects near the front entrance

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