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East meets West. How two different styles can merge to create a powerful and unique interior design

Whilst eastern interior design is characterised by being minimalist and uncluttered, western design is influenced by luxury and oversized furniture. Nowadays, eastern interior design is frequently merged with western interior design with the mission to fuse two cultures and make them work together in harmony. From using decorative Western art and furniture to combining it with Eastern techniques that are all about minimalism, both designs can complement each other to create meaningful interiors.

Although both designs incorporate different principles, let’s take a look at how both can be combined to create an original design that is also appealing to the eye!

1. Neutral colour palette with an authentic decoration

With the use of calm colours that derive from nature such as white, beige, or green, your home will evoke a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. In addition, you can use the western principle of adding objects or artifacts that are representative of your personality and of those who live with you. You don’t have to add many objects because that will only make your home lose its sense of calmness. However, you can add a few decorative pieces such as a family portrait or an artifact that you collected from your favourite trip!

2. Natural lighting with the use of dark wood

If you want your home to give off a classy and elegant appearance, you should definitely use dark wood. Even though a dark colour palette is used to create this look, natural light should not be put aside. With the eastern principle of Feng Shui, letting a great amount of light come in and having an uncluttered space, will allow good energy to enter your home. On the other hand, the combination of dark wood will give make your home have a more sophisticated style.

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