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Condo design tips to make your space more spacious

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Choose a light colour palette.

  • The best condo interior design tip is to choose a colour scheme that relies on neutral or light colours. Keep the dark colours for your accent pieces and furniture, but opt for whites and other pale tones for the walls and floors. It will make your room more spacious, which is ideal when you've got limited space in your condo.

  • Go with printed wallpaper instead of solid coloured paint on your walls. The printed wallpaper can add visual interest to your space without overwhelming it like a bold coloured wall would do. You can also find removable wallpapers that are easy to install and take down whenever you want a new look in your space!

Create more reflective surfaces.

A mirror placed towards a window or skylight is an almost surefire way to brighten up a room. You can amplify the effect by opting for reflective surfaces: mirrored furniture, glass, and polished metal. If you have access to the walls, consider going with high-gloss paint or wallpaper.

If you're starting from scratch and building your condo, account for windows and skylights in your plans. Having multiple sources of natural light is also essential for keeping things bright. Try to install large windows along one wall or include a skylight in your design plan.

Install a mirror

  • Place a mirror opposite a window. It will reflect the light coming in through the window, making your room feel bigger and brighter. Mirrors also work well if you don't have windows in your room, as they can still open up your space with reflected light.

  • Place a big mirror on an empty wall. In addition to catching the light, mirrors can be used as decorations. You can hang a large mirror on a bare wall to make it feel more inviting and filled out.

Go for adjustable furniture.

Adjustable furniture is an excellent choice for interior condo design. There are plenty of options available, but check out these pieces to get you started.

  • Sectional sofas: Sliding sectional sofas can be arranged in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the space they're in.

  • Chairs with moveable arms: These chairs look great as accent pieces, but their arms can also swing away or fold down to create a more compact piece when needed.

  • Tables that expand: Expandable tables are convenient for dining areas where space is limited, and you may sometimes need more table surface area than other times.

Use a sliding door instead!

You will find that a sliding door can save up to 8 sq. ft. of space, best for small space in your condo unit. A swing door is not recommended for such areas since it requires more space for the door to swing open and close. A sliding door makes the most sense in this situation since it does not need much clearance on both sides of the walls, making it convenient for small areas with limited floor spaces like a hallway or closet.

A good example would be when putting together a walk-in closet: you can use a sliding door instead of a swing.

Use a floating vanity.

There are many advantages to a floating vanity, one of which is that it can make your bathroom look more spacious. Because a floating vanity does not touch the floor, it frees up space for you to install larger tiles and makes cleaning under the vanity easier. Another advantage is that it can't be moved from its position on the wall. This may sound like a disadvantage, but it reduces the risk of damage from moving furniture or slamming doors.

Here are some instructions for installing your floating vanity:

Keep it light and airy.

Here are some ways you can keep your home feeling light and airy:

  • Use light colours. This can include decor and furniture in your home, but it's essential for the walls. Dark colours absorb light and make a space feel heavy, so make sure to choose lighter, more neutral shades to give your condo an open, airy feeling.

  • Use reflective surfaces. Items like mirrors and metallic accents are great for reflecting natural light in your home and making your room more spacious.

  • Keep windows clear. If you have dark coloured curtains or blinds on the windows in your condo, they're likely absorbing rather than reflecting light in the room. If possible, use sheer curtains over blinds so that as much natural light comes into the room as possible without sacrificing privacy or security.

Think outside the box.

  • Creativity is key. Interior design is not a straightforward, step-by-step process, so it's essential to be creative when considering design possibilities for your space.

  • Be open to new ideas. Don't be afraid to suggest or accept ideas outside what you're used to seeing or thinking about.

  • Use your imagination and think differently about standard fixtures and objects, like walls and tables.

  • Look at examples of other people's work for inspiration.

With these tips, you can make your condo seem much larger than it is.

  • Paint the walls in light or neutral colours

  • Use mirrors to expand the living space

  • Use fabrics with vertical stripes because they can make ceilings seem higher and rooms larger

  • Replace heavy drapes with lighter curtains

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