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Condo interior design Singapore: A guide to designing your condo

Updated: May 29, 2022

Condo renovation guidelines

Ensure that your interior designers understand the rules of the condominium renovation guidelines.

An important question to ask yourself when doing an condo interior design project.

Is it a resale or a new condominium unit?

If you have a resale condo, it tends to be more costly than a new condo if you want to renovate; there are additional costs incurred-additional works: demolition, concealing cables, etc.

Some of the challenges of living in a condominium in Singapore are that they tend to be small compared to standard HDB units. Due to space constraints, many condo homeowners find it challenging to design the space. You don't have to compromise on aesthetics because of space issues. At NA+DA Interiors, our experts will recommend the space-savings solution that complements your design needs.

Here are a few critical things to note some time recently hopping into your claim condominium overhaul:

Different condo renovation project, have diverse redesign rules: Depending on the engineer, each condominium encompasses a different set of rules and workable regions where you'll be able to remodel. Continuously check together with your condo’s administration office sometime recently beginning works.

For any redesign permits/approvals to be made, go to BCA: Particularly in case you’re doing major basic changes like making a hang, private properties (which incorporate condominiums) will get to look for endorsement and a significant allow from the Building and Development Specialist (BCA).

Unused condo unit in common take a toll less to remodel: Why so? Keep in mind that most condos as of now come fitted with the essential kitchen and washroom installations, now and then flooring. That as of now cuts back a chunk of what you’ll ought to work on - coming about in lower redesign costs.

Resale condos are that as it may be taken a toll more to remodel: Nevermind the truth that resale units take a toll more - for condos, additional works are required to conceal cables for that smooth see, not at all like HDBs where you'll be able to have uncovered cables or pipes.

space planning condo interior design singapore


Think about the size and the space of your condo interior and how it will be used? Are you planning on using your condo for entertaining? You might consider an open-concept layout to accommodate parties, but keep in mind that it makes a small space feel even more cramped.

You'll also want to think about budget: if you don't have a large budget for furniture and design elements, perhaps you could use accent pieces like pillows or throw blankets in your favourite colours. Don't forget to think about storage solutions to save space, —organization is significant when living in a smaller space.

Another condo renovation tips is to find out what kind of natural light or views are available through your windows—these can be used to inform colour schemes or other design choices. If the view is lacking, you might try hanging up mirrors around the room to create an illusion of more space (and maybe distract from the construction going on next door).

floor plan condo interior design singapore


· Furniture placement.

· Traffic flow.

· Natural light.

DIYers who are unsure about tackling these interior design issues may want to consult with an expert, like an interior designer. If you have ideas but not sure how to execute them, it's worth bringing your thoughts to someone who can help translate them into something coherent and feasible (and put together a shopping list).

type of window condo interior design singapore

Choose your windows and doors

Windows and doors are more than just fancy holes in the wall. They're an essential detail that should never be overlooked as you plan your interior design.

Consider placement

You already know where your windows and doors will go based on the layout, but keep in mind that windows can be inserted on walls to provide natural light for rooms without access to a window, such as closets or bathrooms.

Consider style

Do you prefer traditional windows or sliding glass doors? Would you like casement windows that open from the side or double-hung windows that move up and down? What about exterior shades? Once you know what you want, it's time to consider.

Consider size

When ordering windows and doors, ensure they're precisely the correct dimensions for both form and function. We do not recommend cutting down a door to fit—​you may end up with rotten wood trim around the door frame or damage to other elements of your home!​

Consider window treatments

Using a suitable curtain can completely transform a room, so this is another vital thing not to overlook!

Consider privacy

Many people choose sheer white fabric because they love how light it makes their rooms feel during the day but remember: sheer curtains don't offer much privacy at night! Ensure you have enough privacy once darkness falls by choosing light-blocking curtains or blinds.

Consider upkeep

Fabric curtains aren't convenient if they need cleaning every few months (or even every week). Choose something easier to clean if someone in your home has allergies—or even better: dehumidifiers reduce dust mites tremendously!

colour palette condo interior design singapore


Some of the factors to consider in your condo renovation is what materials you'll be using. The suitable materials can significantly impact how your space feels and can also affect its functionality. For example, if you're renovating your kitchen, it's important to think about the durability and hygiene of different countertop materials like marble or granite. Other factors such as lightings, basic fixtures, bathroom fittings and carpentry works play in a crucial part too in planning your condo interior design.

calender condo interior design singapore


It's essential to set up a detailed timeline for each part of the project, including when you will start and finish each phase. Be realistic with your timeline—if you're always running late, don't tell yourself that you'll be ready for the next step by next Tuesday.

· Make sure all your permits have been granted. Check with your home insurance company before starting any renovations to ensure that none of these changes will void your coverage.

interior style condo interior design singapore


  • Gather inspiration

If you don't know where to start, it's time to gather inspiration. Look at photos of condo renovations and design projects that stand out to you, whether they feature specific materials or a decorating style you like. Visit stores such as IKEA or Etsy for ideas on finishes and furniture that might fit your budget and Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media channels to see what speaks to you. If you're still stuck after this step, try looking through home magazines or contacting our interior designer at NA+DA Interiors.

With a proper plan, you can ensure that your condo is exactly how you want it!

To create a your dream condo, it's important to plan properly. You don't want to start changing the layout or decor of your condo without having a good idea of what you're planning to do! If you don't plan well, you may waste money and time on poor decisions. Different people will have opinions on what a perfect condo looks like. It doesn't help anyone if you tell someone they should plan out their design before renovating, but this isn't enough information for them to do anything. You need a specific process for planning out your condo design, so let's go through one now.

For our example, we'll use 'Alisha' as our subject.* She wants to renovate her condo so that it is more her style and better for entertaining guests long-term.*

The first step is to plan out where she wants everything in terms of functionality (e.g., which room will be best for parties? Will there be a space where she can host overnight guests?).

Then she needs an idea of how much money each upgrade will cost—and whether or not the price tag is worth it*—and then lastly, decide when she wants everything completed.*

Alisa can look at these three points as goals and make sure they fit within her budget (money and time).

If you have any inquiries, check out NA+DA Interiors, we will be available to answer your renovation questions. You could also book an appointment to schedule a free consultation at our showroom at 308 Thomson Road Eng Aun Mansion Singapore 307656 or simply give us a call. You can also check our portfolios through our official website at

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